SARP offers extensive building design services, which include concrete and steel structural designs. Leveraging a systematised approach, the experienced engineering team ensures the production of high-quality designs.

The design procedures involve collaboration with architects and various stakeholders, integrating architectural and structural concerns into a unified framework. The stages of the design process include conceptualisation, analysis, and detailed design, prioritising functionality, aesthetics, and structural integrity.

To ensure safety and adherence to best practices, SARP follows critical codes and standards such as ACI 318 and Eurocode for concrete design and AISC 360 and Eurocode for steel design. These standards guide material selection, design considerations, and construction practices, contributing to the overall structural stability and performance of the designed buildings.

Additionally, SARP uses industry-leading software tools for concrete and steel design, such as ETABS, SAP2000 and Tekla Structures. The incorporation of these software packages enables advanced structural analysis, design optimisation, detailing, and modelling.

Furthermore, SARP harnesses Building Information Modelling (BIM) software like Autodesk Revit, which integrates architectural and structural design processes, facilitating effective collaboration and coordination among all project stakeholders.

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