Concrete testing is carried out for varying reasons. It is important to evaluate new material and products used to make concrete. It is essential to check complaince before, during and after construction. Various times the concrete use may change its purpose or service life needs to be predicted. In these cases it is crucial to assess the concrete condition. Failure investigation are neccessary to be undertaken to avoid and accident at all stages of a construction.

With this wide variety of sources and end uses, evaluation of the characteristics by aggregate testing is very important, providing information for:

  • New source assessment
  • Prediction of in-service behaviour
  • Comparison between materials
  • Specification compliance
  • Quality control

All aggregate testing is undertaken by SARP & LAB’s experienced technical staff operating from our well equipped UKAS accredited Laboratories. We also offer a thorough on-site source assessment and sampling service.

Sandberg offers a comprehensive package of physical, mechanical and chemical aggregate testing to determine the properties of aggregates. Testing can be carried out to the new BS EN Standards as well as ASTM Standards.

Aggregate testing can be carried out in the following fields:

  • Physical: Grading, Shape, Relative Density, Bulk Density, Water Absorption
  • Mechanical: AAV, PSV, Los Angeles Abrasion, Wet Attrition
  • Durability: Sulphate Soundness, Frost Heave, Slake Durability Index, Methylene Blue, Drying Shrinkage
  • Chemical: Organic Matter, Chloride, Sulphate or full analysis
  • Specialist: AAR Assessment using Petrography, Chemical Test, Mortar Bar and Accelerated Mortar Bar and Concrete Prism Method

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