Concrete testing is one of SARP & LAB’s core activities but it encompasses so much more than simple cube testing.


Concrete testing is carried out for varying reasons. It is important to evaluate new material and products used to make concrete. It is essential to check complaince before, during and after construction. Various times the concrete use may change its purpose or service life needs to be predicted. In these cases it is crucial to assess the concrete condition. Failure investigation are neccessary to be undertaken to avoid and accident at all stages of a construction.

Concrete testing means more than cubes or cores:

  • Component materials; cement, pfa, ggbs, admixtures, coarse and fine aggregates ,fibres,  reinforcement, water
  • Fresh Concrete, mortar and grout
  • Hardened Concrete; cast specimens : cubes , cylinders, prisms
  • Existing structures; drilled core or dust samples, sawn specimens, insitu non-destructive testing of structural members


  • Physical/Mechanical
  • Workability/Consistency
  • Compressive/flexural/tensile strength
  • Modulus of elasticity
  • Density/water absorption/permeability
  • Moisture/thermal movement
  • Chemical
  • Composition (cement content, w/c ratio)
  • Presence of contaminants, eg chlorides
  • Durability
  • Soundness
  • Bond strength/adhesion
  • Cover to reinforcing steel
  • Carbonation depth

Concrete testing at SARP & LAB is carried out by our experiences presonnel. Our engineers have an extensive expericene in planning and interpretation of test data. Our firm has a remarkable record in providing accurate and trustworthy data and not being prone to bias. Out laboratory is accredited by the official Albanian acreditation directorate.

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