Mapeflex AC4

Paintable acrylic sealant for movements up to 12.5% with a smooth effect.

Mapeflex PU45

Paintable polyurethane sealant and adhesive with a high modulus of elasticity for movements up to 20%. ISO 11600 F 20 HM


Closed-cell, extruded foam polyethylene cord used as a support for elastomer sealants to gauge the correct size of flexible joints.
Supplied in rolls in various lengths according to the diameter of the foam.

Mapesil GP

Neutral mould-resistant silicone sealant for building work for movements up to 20%.

Primer FD

One-component primer for silicone sealants..

Ultrabond MS Rapid

Rapid-setting assembly adhesive for internal and external use with a high sucker effect.

Mapeflex Blackfill

Bituminen sealant.

Mapeflex PU50 Sl

Paintable, castable polyurethane sealant with a low modulus of elasticity for movements up to 25%.

Mapesil 300

Acetic silicone sealant for high temperatures.

Mapesil LM

Neutral silicone mould-resistant sealant with BioBlock® technology for stone for movements up to 25%

Ultrabond Super Grip

Adhesive for mounting internal fixtures.

Primer M

One-component, solvent-free primer for polyurethane sealants, for use on absorbent and non-absorbent surfaces.

Mapeflex MS45

Pre-blended, high-performance polymer-modified cementitious mortar for grouting joints 4 to 15 mm wide.

Mapeflex PU65

Two-component, castable polyurethane sealant for sealing joints in roads up to surface level, mixed with QUARTZ 0.5 sand at a ratio of up to 1:1 by weight. Setting and hardening may be accelerated by adding a specific liquid accelerator MAPEFLEX PU65 CATALYST.

Mapesil AC

Pure, mould-resistant, acetic silicone sealant for movements up to 25%.

Mapesil Z Plus

Mould-resistant acetic silicone sealant for sanitary fittings for movements up to 20%

Primer PU60

Moisture curing polyurethane resin for consolidating and waterproofing damp screeds.

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