Soil Engineering accepts soil, rock and aggregate samples from customers and sites throughout the whole country as well as from a growing international client base. The laboratory also carries out testing on a sub contract basis for site investigation companies.

The Soil Engineering laboratory achieved initial DA accreditation. In subsequent years the range of accredited testing has progressively increased.

The soil and rock laboratory of Soil Engineering is one of the largest in Albania, both in terms of number of samples it can process and also in terms of the scope of testing offered:

  • Atteberg Limits
  • Sample Description & Photography
  • Advice on Testing
  • Moisture – Density Relations
  • Sand Equivalent Value of Soils and Fine Aggregates
  • Particle Size Analysis of Soils
  • Soil Classification System

In Situ Testing Services:

  • Plate Load Tests
  • California Bearing Ratio
  • In Situ Density
  • Borehole Permeability Testing

All the above mentioned tests are undertaken following the international standards such as ASTM, BS and AASHTO.

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