• MAPEI Group, with world headquarters in Milan, Italy, has been supplying chemicals for the construction industry for more than 70 years.
  • With more than 50,000 customers worldwide and 57 associated manufacturing plants operating in 26 countries, MAPEI is a world leader as a single-source supplier of setting materials for commercial, industrial and residential projects.
  • MAPEI Group has 18 manufacturing facilities in the Americas.


  1. SA.G.EDIL srl was born in February of 2011 following the fact that there was a scarse presence of laboratories and companies that dealt with the testing of building materials. This led to the belief that this type of activity could be offered to the market.
  2. The laboratory carries out destructive and non- destructive testing , characterization, formulation and control of the constituent materials and mixtures packed with them.
  3. SA.G.EDIL srl also works in reinforced concrete , pre-stressed and normal or metal structure , under the Act of 5 November 1971 No. 1086 Article 20 and in accordance with the Circular of ‘ September 8, 2010 , n . 7617/STC , and Decrees Act “Technical standards for the execution of the works in reinforced and prestressed concrete and metal structures .”
  4. The company’s business is conducted in accordance with the provisions of the circular and the entire procedure is certified according to the guidelines of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, as verified by the ABICert that controls the management system of the laboratory.