Additix PE

Admixture to make epoxy and polyurethane products thicker with a thixotropic consistency.

Mapecoat I 24

Two-component epoxy paint for anti-acid coatings on concrete surfaces.

Mapecoat I 600W

Two-component transparent epoxy primer in water dispersion

Mapecrete LI Hardener

Surface treatment in liquid form made from lithium silicate with a consolidating effect, for new or old concrete floors and concrete surfaces broadcast with quartz sand.

Mapefloor EP 19

Three-component acid and wear-resistant epoxy mortar for floors.

Mapetop N AR6

Pre-blended, ready-to-use industrial hardener for concrete floors made from special quartz in a granulometric curve, Portland cement and special additives.

Primer SN

Two-component epoxy primer with fillers. May be coloured with MAPECOLOR PASTE.

Quartz 0.5
Quartz 1.2
Quartz 0.25
Quartz 1.9

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