PoroMap Rinzaffo

Agent applied by injection made from micro-emulsion, concentrated silane and siloxane used to form a chemical barrier against capillary rising damp in masonry.

PoroMap Rinzaffo

Salt-resistant, hydraulic pozzolanic-reaction binder-based transpirant keying mortar used as the first layer in de-humidifying render systems.

PoroMap Finitura

Cement-free, light-coloured fine mortar for finishing de-humidifying renders applied on stone, brick and tuff masonry.

Primer 3296

Consolidating and anti-dust acrylic primer in water dispersion.

PoroMap Intonaco

Salt-resistant, hydraulic pozzolanic-reaction binder-based macro-porous, transpirant rendering mortar applied by hand for renovating masonry with rising damp.

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