Adesilex PG4

Two-component, thixotropic epoxy adhesive with modified rheology for bonding MAPEBAND, MAPEBAND TPE, PVC strips and Hypalon and for structural bonds.

Aquaflex Roof

Ready-to-use flexible liquid membrane with fibres for continuous waterproofing layers on exposed external surfaces.

Aquaflex Roof HR

Fibre-filled liquid membrane in water emulsion with high solar reflectance and thermal emittance with a solar reflectance index (SRI) of 105.

Aquaflex Roof Plus

Ready-mixed, high-elasticity, quick-drying, UV-resistant liquid waterproofing membrane.

Foamjet 260 LV
Foamjet T

High viscosity ultra rapid setting two-component polyurethane resin, to be injected for consolidating and waterproofing of structures subject to strong water ingress


Bulk powder or liquid water-repellent for cementitious mortar.


Hydrophilic, expanding rubber profiles for waterproof working joints.

Idrostop B25

Hydro-expanding bentonite jointing material for sealing construction joints.

Idrostop Mastic

One-component adhesive for laying IDROSTOP.

Idrostop Soft

Hydro-expansive, high-flexibility bentonite jointing profile for waterproofing construction joints and second pours of concrete.


Ultra quick-setting and hardening hydraulic binder for blocking seeping water.


Alkali-resistant rubber tape with felt for cementitious waterproofing systems and liquid sheaths.

Mapeband Flexroll

Tape for the flexible waterproofing of expansion joint and cracks.

Mapeflex PU 50 SL

Paintable, castable polyurethane sealant with a low modulus of elasticity for movements up to 25%.

Mapegum WPS

Quick-drying flexible liquid membrane for waterproofing internal surfaces.

Mapeflex PU 45 FT

Rapid-hardening paintable polyurethane sealant and adhesive with a high modulus of elasticity for movements up to 20%.

Mapeband PE 120

PVC tape for waterproofing systems made from liquid membranes.

Mapeband SA

Self-adhesive butyl tape with alkali-resistant, non-woven fabric for elastic waterproofing systems.

Mapeband TPE

TPE tape for flexible sealing and waterproofing of expansion joints and cracks subject to movement.

Mapeflex PU 35 CR

One-component elastic polyurethane sealant resistant to chemicals.

Mapeflex PU 45

Rapid-hardening paintable polyurethane sealant and adhesive with a high modulus of elasticity for movements up to 20%.

Mapelastic Turbo

Two-component rapid-drying elastic cementitious mortar for waterproofing terraces and balconies, including at low temperatures and on substrates not completely dry.


Two-component, flexible cementitious mortar for waterproofing balconies, terraces, bathrooms and swimming pools.

Mapelastic AquaDefense

Ready-to-use, ultra quick-drying, flexible liquid membrane for waterproofing internal and external surfaces.

Planiseal 288

Two-component cementitious mortar for waterproofing structures below ground level and storage tanks.

Mapesil AC

Pure, mould-resistant, acetic silicone sealant for movements up to 25%.

Primer for Aquaflex

Synthetic resin-based primer in solvent solution to improve the adhesion of liquid elastic membranes (from the Aquaflex Roof line) onto existing bituminous membranes

Triblock P

Three-component epoxy-cementitious primer for non-absorbent waterproofing damp substrates.

Resfoam 1KM Flex

Ultra-fluid, flexible one-component polyurethane injection resin for waterproofing structures

Planiseal 88

Osmotic cementitious mortar suitable for contact with drinking water, for waterproofing masonry and concrete structures.

Resfoam 1Km

One-component, ultra-fluid polyurethane resin applied by injection for waterproofing structures and ground and rocks subject to intense percolating water. The reaction time may be regulated.


Bitumen waterproofing emulsion for general purpose use.

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