Our Partner

For over two decades, SARP has been an industry leader in construction and laboratory services in Albania. But our journey to success has not been a solo venture. It’s a story of partnership and growth, particularly with MAPEI, a global powerhouse in construction supplies.

The partnership between SARP and MAPEI began as a supply relationship, with SARP providing construction firms with concrete admixtures. But as the business grew, the range of MAPEI products we supplied expanded, enabling us to offer a more comprehensive set of solutions to our clients. MAPEI’s extensive catalogue of products allowed us to diversify and bolster our portfolio, addressing the varied and evolving needs of the construction industry in Albania.

This partnership not only expanded our product offerings but also bolstered our knowledge and technical capabilities. MAPEI’s global reputation as a leader in the field of construction supplies and their commitment to innovation and quality were instrumental in our growth. Working closely with them enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of the industry’s best practices and to bring these insights into our operations and services.

One significant milestone of our collaboration with MAPEI came in 2003, when we added Construction Material Testing Laboratory Services to our business. Our laboratory, the first accredited one in Albania, now offers more than 200 types of tests covering a variety of materials. This crucial addition to our services was made possible through the knowledge and expertise we gained from our partnership with MAPEI.

Together, SARP and MAPEI have been key contributors to major infrastructure projects in Albania. For instance, we have successfully undertaken road repair and installation projects, utilizing MAPEI’s top-quality materials to ensure durability and performance​1​.

Our partnership with MAPEI is not just about the business growth; it’s about our shared commitment to building a better future for Albania. It’s about using our combined expertise and resources to contribute to infrastructure development, improve construction quality, and ultimately, build a stronger Albania.

As we move forward, we remain committed to strengthening our partnership with MAPEI, driving innovation in the construction industry, and providing top-notch services to our clients. Together, we believe we can continue to make a significant impact on Albania’s infrastructure landscape.