Discover our range of primers, bonding promoters, consolidating and waterproofing products. These products are designed to enhance the adhesion and durability of your construction materials, improving their performance and lifespan. They are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Eco Prim Grip Plus

Multi-purpose, ready-to-use, low odour, bonding promoter primer with a very low emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) for render, smoothing and levelling compounds and cementitious adhesives, for internal and external application


Two-component, solvent-free epoxy adhesive for monolithic sealing cracked screeds.

Eporip Turbo

Two-component, quick-hardening polyester resin for monolithic sealing cracked screeds.


Synthetic rubber latex to improve adhesion and performances of cement mixes and prepare bonding slurries for screeds


Water-based acrylic undercoat and bonding promoter with a smooth finish

Mapecoat I 600 W

Two-component transparent epoxy primer in water dispersion

Primer 3296

Acrylic primer in water dispersion with high penetration, consolidating and anti-dust properties for screeds

Primer G

Synthetic resin primer in water dispersion with a very low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC)

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